Hi, I'm Nico

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Thanks for being here. The fact that you're here just tells me that you're awesome. Lumae comes from the Elvish word lumee, which means "time". Do you ever look at photos and instantly get transported to that moment and you immediately feel all the feelings? I want to be the person who gives you that feeling. I want any photos we take together to help you travel back to the time when you married that special someone, or when you and your family danced around in the park, or maybe you want all your hard work photographed. What are we waiting for? Let's make memories!

EVERYONE deserves to be treated like they matter and are good enough to be showcased. As someone who studied media and used to work on a bridal magazine, I know that too many times, marginalized communities are not represented enough in the wedding industry and published media. I want to change that. I want to give real people high quality photos. My mission is to make photography more equitable and to provide high quality images to marginalized communities.

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“She walked us through every step of the way, helped us with posing, where to look, what to move and made us feel comfortable the whole time.”